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It’s time to Combat the Chill and spoil yourself with an Autumn Reboot

It’s time to Combat the Chill and spoil yourself with an Autumn Reboot

The weather’s finally turning – as are our thoughts – to how we can combat the chill this autumn.  We’re absolutely rocking this patriot blue jacket which is a huge colour for autumn and winter.  This Sandwich Padded jacket is such a great length as it skims the thighs and is very flattering.  The hood, diamond shape padding and black edging make this a really stylish jacket bound to keep you warm for many months to come.


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Our Autumn and Winter shoes, boots and trainers are also flying through (and out of) the door!  With fantastic new trainer styles, high heel and block heeled boots, tassels and brogues from Paul Green and Hogl all featuring really heavily this season.

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Browse online or pop in to see us.  We offer a personal shopping service, advice and great customer care.  Combat the chill with our key autumn pieces that will keep you warm whilst looking super stylish this season.   And the autumn reboot: find the latest footwear trends featuring terrific tassels, the block heel, brilliant brogues and much, much more…

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Autumn 2016 : New Collections arriving every week

Autumn 2016 : New Collections arriving every week

Our new Autumn collections are flooding in!  As you know, we put lots of love and care into every product we sell, so we hope you enjoy browsing our website. If you have any questions, or need advice on anything from care to styling or sizing, please get in touch. We’re here to help!    Our website is a small-ish collection of clothing from our key brands, Sandwich, Inwear, Oui and Noa Noa and of course our very large collection of Paul Green Shoes. We hope to showcase the very best of our picks for the coming season. We see these as the essential investments for your wardrobe as these items are our real favourites. Live locally? We do, of course, have much more in store!


Have you heard of our number one selling brand, Paul Green Shoes? Handmade in Austria with the highest quality raw materials and a strong focus on design and individuality, they are the height of luxury and comfort at very affordable prices. With a wonderful selection of shoes, boots, heels, flats, sandals and trainers, there is a style for everyone.  Why not take a look and discover the magic that is Paul Green.

Shoes by Paul Green are focused on design and high individuality offering quality and variety at a very affordable price. The manufacturing process in connection with high quality of raw materials, good style combined with comfort and great design lead to an exceptional product. Paul Green’s women shoes have an excellent fit.


Inwear’s modern femininity nods to the lady with curiosity, confidence, ambition and optimism. The brand provides the modern urban woman with a style that is feminine, confident and well – dressed. The products offer a great fit and quality expressed through perfection of details.

Established in 1969 in Copenhagen, the brand was created as a fashion label for cool city girls with a feminine, urban and confident look. Their iconic style was an overnight success and to this day still defines InWear.


Noa Noa was created in the early 1980s as a feminine and romantic alternative to the hard-edged fashions of the time. The name Noa Noa means ‘simple and harmonious’ in Tahitian, and epitomises the feminine and bohemian Noa Noa universe.

Noa Noa collections are designed in Denmark at their head office in the idyllic surroundings of Northern Zealand and manufactured in factories around the world that comply with corporate social responsibility codes.


Ever since 1981, Sandwich has been presenting collections with great attention to detail and a very recognisable signature. Sandwich Clothes can be worn every day without being everyday as they combine a wonderful causal contemporary look with real personality. Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday and like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. We create everyday fashion with a twist. The result is always comfortable and thoroughly feminine.

Each collection is a finely balanced composition of styles, colours, patterns, materials and silhouettes. From jackets to dresses, and from blouses to trousers all items can be matched up with each other, throughout the seasons. What’s not to love?


The roots of the Oui brand go back more than half a century when the founders of the brand created a positively distinctive and unique look. The collections feature modern silhouettes, glamorous details and a delicate meeting of seemingly distinct details.

Oui’s focus on knitwear celebrates the craftsmanship to the full. Fine and soft, elegant and light, warm and snug. Caressing the skin, extremely comfortable yet with wonderful decorative detail.

Prints brighten up the collection, combining colours, inspirations and passions of the season. Every single piece is full of passion and the aspiration to be special and different. A wonderful combination of contradictions and yet a harmonious unity.

 Oui has wonderful attention to detail and focus on clear lines. Always inspired by global trends, Oui’s designs are stylish and exciting. Women who wear Oui are unique and stand out; fashionable and effortlessly fashion-conscious. Surprising, inspiring and full of joy.


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Which Trainer Girl Are You?

Which Trainer Girl Are You?

Trainers are having a massive fashion moment, and we’re not talking about what to wear to the gym!

If Victoria Beckham and Sam Cameron can rock them during their working days, so can we!

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Here at jojo’s we have the coolest new luxe styles and a huge selection to choose from … it’s fair to say the ‘wear everywhere’ trainer is here to stay.

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld kicked off the sporty-shoe revival back in 2014 (when he paired his Chanel Couture dresses with embellished kicks) in what we would call a fashion watershed moment, they’ve been riding high on the fash-pack’s must-own list.

Not only are trainers a high-fashion statement, but they’re comfortable, chic, ageless and affordable. They go with jeans and cropped trousers, and all the other pillars of the grownup woman’s wardrobe … Think midi skirts, shirts and suits these days!

A firm favourite amongst on and off-duty wardrobes, this season’s luxe offering means you really can wear them anywhere. Worn with a denim dress at the weekend, with cigarette pants and tux blazer in the office and with a pair of silk wide leg pants and a spaghetti strap cami by night, the styling possibilities are endless. Just think luxe, classic and stylish and you’ve nailed the trainer trend.

Though it’s obviously a bonus that the trainer trend is so comfortable you could jog all the way to work in it, finding a pair that’s fabulous and fits into your wardrobe can be surprisingly tricky. And that’s why we just LOVE our offerings from Paul Green. With fashion-forward designs, all embracing a wonderful unity of style and comfort, there IS a pair of trainers here at jojo’s for you.

So whether you’re a heel-loving newcomer, looking for an easy slip-on style you can throw on and go, or you want something to make those all-black looks a little more interesting, here’s our pick of the best Paul Green trainers you can wear right now…

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